Leon Cych
Building a filming unit for schools
by Leon Cych - Thursday, 7 December 2017, 11:57 AM

The first free L4L course

This course, when finished, will last for 9+ weeks and will cover such things as:

  • Writing a school policy for filming, e-safety and social media
  • Demonstration of minimal kit needed to create a news unit
  • Integrating useful workflows for using kit
  • Post production apps on tablets and devices
  • Post production workflows after filming
  • Live streaming and multi-camera setups
  • Green screen and interactive video apps
  • Using Mojo and Flipped classroom resources
  • Introduction to VR and 360 filming kit and techniques
  • Useful Forums and Resources throughout
  • 10's of video demos and walkthroughs
  • Links to 100's of resources